Meera Joshi

29th June 2021

One way of bridging the trust gap between minorities and senior management referenced in Lloyd’s second annual culture survey, is to increase the disproportionate under representation of Black, Asian, Minority Ethnics and other marginalised groups in senior management roles, positions of influence and at the entry level. This begs the question:

Is Insurance being as effective as it can be in accessing minorities?




Join Meera Joshi our Head of Diversity & Inclusion who will be having an interactive discussion with our panelist members:

Caren Thomas

Caren Thomas, Human Resources (HR) Director at the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

Aaron Morgan

Aaron Morgan, 2021 Britcar Endurance Championship Driver. Team Brit aim to inspire people with disabilities, PTSD and mental health issues, by demonstrating what can be achieved through motorsport.

Buki Mosaku

Buki Mosaku, Founder of DiverseCity Think Tank & author of "I Don't Understand?- A Practical Guide to Navigating Bias in the Workplace"


Together they look at ways in which the Insurance market can navigate the issue of minority under representation in insurance and at how minorities can navigate their way to more positions in senior management roles.


Through a series of webinars, we plan to explore and discuss a variety of topics from:

  • Navigating Bias in the Workplace
  • Code Switching
  • Accessing Minorities
  • Diversity in Leadership
  • After effects of COVID19 on D&I

Get in touch to find out more about our webinar series, or to find out more about how we can help.

Buki Mosaku Buki Mosaku: Author of "I Don't Understand - A practical guide to navigating bias in the workplace"

Buki Mosaku, founder of Diverse-City Think Tank and author of the upcoming book:
"I Don't Understand - A practical guide to navigating bias in the workplace".

Buki is a thought leader for Diversity & Inclusion who pushes the boundaries of the norm and brings forward topics of discussion that are truly thought provoking. He is a leading international business consultant who has grappled with unconscious (and indeed conscious) bias with varying degrees of success in his employed career and as a consultant in the city.

Frustrated with his own challenges and the inadequacy of behavioural experts and consultants attempts to address workplace bias, he set out to develop a fair, equitable results-oriented methodology to tackle person(s) to person(s) bias effectively in the workplace.

The IDU? methodology is the culmination of 20 years of working, observing and interacting with over 50,000 individuals throughout the world as a consultant, communications expert, trainer and coach.

Over the last 20 years he has consulted with large FTSE/ Fortune 500, medium sized, small and start-up companies.