Work For Us


Why Harrison Holgate?

Formed in 2006 we have established ourselves as a specialist boutique operating within the insurance and reinsurance sector.  As a reputable, stable and well respected company we have achieved this by ensuring that not only do we hire the best but we constantly invest in the training and continuous development of our team.

Harrison Holgate have a very stable and long standing team and we equally have long term and very successful relationships with the market, our client base.  We have built this through always focusing on doing the right thing, running the business and making business decisions with the long term in mind.  We are not the sort of company who want to make a “sale” at any cost, we are more interested in doing the right thing for our candidates and for our clients.  We do not force our team to follow a KPI target style of working, though we do believe strongly in following basic principles.  Our team thrive through following an individually tailored objective based framework for both personal and professional development. 

Fulfil your potential

We deliver much of our training and mentoring in house and we have partnered with an industry leading training organisation, we also ask our consultants to undertake and achieve accreditation up to Diploma level through the REC as well as offering senior consultants access to a bespoke external coaching service.

Whilst we have a very friendly and collaborative team who all enjoy working together one of the other main reasons that our team stay together is the earning potential that each individual has, this comes from both the highly competitive incentive scheme that we offer as well as the ability to harness and deliver a higher level of production and therefore earnings from our unparalleled market relationships and contacts.

Team Trips

We regularly have team trips to a wide range of destinations, from across the UK to Paris, Bruges and Amsterdam…